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I love to explore new technologies.

I started coding 4 years ago when I was 13. I first tried Python then I was interested in minecraft plugin developpement so I learned JAVA and after that I looked into web developpement (php) and now I am still in love with web developpement. I learn other languages on my spare time like C++ or JavaScript.

I worked on...

Onerprod.com (Web)

OnerProd.com is a website for a beatmaker that wanted to sell his beats online. It uses paypal's api for the payments. The design is not by me but I coded all the php part. It includes a fully functional admin panel to manage the website.

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Csgoldmine (Web)

Csgoldmine is a website coded in 1 week where you win keys for the popular fps Counter Strike: Global Offensive by completing offers with different partners. It has fully functional admin panel to manage the website, steam login integration, shop, and more... The website is not currently online because the client who bought it did not publish anything yet so I will soon put it on my own server online online for demo.

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SteakPvP/MystikPvP (Java)

Those are both minecraft servers wich I worked on. I fully coded the plugins in JAVA with the spigot api. We totalised more than 3000 players in both. Many videos were made on youtube and we had a large community. Today these servers are closed due to a lack of time to manage them. I am still proud of the work I put on it and it also helped me a lot in learning Java. Maybe I will release soon the source files of the plugins on my Github.

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NetsCraft (Java)

One of the biggest projects I worked on. Factions minecraft servers with exclusive features, cutsom enchantements, Overs 10 000 players in total. The server closed because the founder (I know him well) went for a Project Management career. I still have the project files. I worked on a couple of the plugins (mainly the core). I also acquired some Sys/Admin Knowledge with this project like using iptables and ddos protection. Shell code (To create backup scripts).

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Opensource projects

Coming here soon.

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